Rules | Terms of Use

Safe Car Theft Prevention Systems Ltd. (hereinafter: “the Company”), owner of the website, congratulates you on your decision to register as a user of our website and the various services it offers.

  1. General
    1. This code of rules is a legal document, binding for all matters and purposes, between this website (http://safecar.bizm hereinafter: “the Website”) and the Company.
    2. The Company may, at any time, on its own exclusive discretion, revise this code of rules, and any revision – to the extent that there is such – shall be binding and applicable to all users of the Website and/or anyone who performs any action on the Website as of the date it is published on the Website.
    3. The section headings are for the user’s convenience and reference only and shall have no bearing on the construction of the rules.
  2. Who may use the Website
    1. This Website is for the exclusive use of system installers and/or agents who purchase from the Company safes for the protection of a vehicle’s engine computer and/or other entities from the car protection industry.
    2. The Company may prevent any person from using the Website, temporarily or permanently, at its own exclusive discretion, without advance notice, including in any of the cases specified hereinafter:
    3. The user performed an illegal act and/or violated the provisions of the law;
    4. The user violated one of the provisions of these rules;
    5. Upon registering, or at some later time, the user provided erroneous details;
    6. The user performed an act or omission that can potentially harm the Company and/or anyone therefrom and/or other Website users and/or infringe on the Website’s normal activity;
    7. Website membership is individual and non-transferrable.
    8. The user undertakes to keep his password for login to this Website confidential. The user may not enable any other person to use his username and password on the Website, or transfer his right to use the Website’s service to anyone else.
  3. The object of the Website
    1. To provide its users with professional and technical information about the Company’s products (safes) including explanations pertaining to the products’ installation in vehicles.
    2. To publish ongoing updates (newsletters) about developments and news from the vehicle protection industry.
  4. Registering to the Website
    1. To use the Website, the user must register to the Website and open a user’s account. Upon registering of the Website, the user must provide the following details: the type of business he works for (insurance agency or service station); the name of the insurance agency or service station; first and last name; email address; the password selected; telephone number; fax number. A user from a service station must indicate the chain he belongs to.
    2. The user declares that he is aware that intentionally providing false details is a criminal offense under law. The Company may take any legal action against a user who provides false details; this includes suing for damage the Company and/or anyone on its behalf is caused due to the disruption of the Website’s activity and/or the disruption of the sale proceedings on the Website.
    3. A user may not register to the Website more than once.
  5. Manner of use
    1. The user undertakes to operate on and use the Website in the normal, customary fashion, exclusively for the aforesaid object of the Website.
    2. The user shall not use the Website in a manner that violates any law. Without derogating from the generality of the above, the user shall not use the Website in a manner that may infringe on and/or violate in any manner any copyrights, trademark, trade secret, intellectual right or other rights of the Company or any third party, and/or which may harm the good name of another person and/or entity.
  6. Consent to receive marketing material and to be included in database
    1. The Company hereby informs its users that it shall use the details they provide when registering to the Website and/or when using the Website, to send marketing material and/or advertisements via its email address and/or text messages and/or fax and/or automatic dial system in accordance with the details the user provided upon registering for the service and/or using it.
    2. The user is aware that he may, at any time, ask not to receive marketing and advertising material. In order not to receive marketing material, the user should send an email to the Company’s email address:
  7. Liability
    1. The Company provides the service on the Website as is.
    2. The Company shall not be liable for any act and/or omission of any of the Website users, including acts and/or omissions that relate to the installment of the Company’s safes. The aforesaid does not derogate from the Company’s liability for its products under law.
  8. Confidentiality and privacy
    1. The Company hereby informs the user that he has no legal or other duty to provide it with the required details (as specified above) in order to register to the Website; these details are provided on the basis of the user’s consent and free volition only.
    2. Inasmuch as everything is performed in a virtual environment, the Company cannot ensure its computers’ absolute immunity to infiltration, nor can it completely ensure that the accumulated information on the website is immune to exposure to violators of the law. The Company shall do its best to protect the information it safeguards. In the event that, notwithstanding the security measures the Company takes, a third party manages to infiltrate and/or misuse the information it protects and safeguards, the user shall not have any suit, claim or action against the Company on this account.
    3. The Company may use the user’s personal details, without identifying the specific user, to analyze statistical data and present it and/or transfer it to other entities. The Company may use the users’ information for internal needs only, for example, analyzing aggregate information on users’ and/or providers’ purchase and behavior patters, and to investigate complaints and/or criticism, including by means of cookies.
  9. Copyrights and intellectual property
    1. The Company is the holder of the copyrights and intellectual property on the Website and on everything displayed thereon. It is absolutely prohibited to copy, distribute, display, present, publish or transfer the Website’s graphic design, structure, design and functional components, its texts and content or parts of these, unless the Company issued its prior written consent to this.
    2. The content of the Website may not be copied, scanned, collected or used.
    3. It is absolutely prohibited to use the Website for promotion, marketing, publishing, distribution or any other for-profit action of any kind or type, except for installing safes. The violation of this Section of the Rules shall entail liquidated damages of NIS 10,000, without derogating from the Company’s right to take any legal proceeding and/or demand any remedy to which it is entitled by law.
  10. Indemnification

    The user shall be liable to indemnify the company, its directors, board members, employees, agents and third parties for any loss, damage, expense (including attorney fees) that is caused, which result from or relate to his misuse of the Website, including, but not exclusively, the violation of a provision of these Rules and/or improper conduct.

  11. The governing law and jurisdiction
    1. The law governing these Rules and/or any action and/or disagreement resulting therefrom, is the Israeli law only.
    2. In any event of dispute, the relevant court of Tel Aviv – Jaffa shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate it.