In order to understand why a certain anti theft product is required first we need to understand how cars are being stolen today.

Every car since 2004 (in some cases dating back to 1998) in equipped with an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Immobilizer system.

How does one work?

The OEM immobilizer system consists of two correlating parts of the vehicle, the car's key and the car's computer , also known as the ECU. Embedded into the car's key is an electronic chip which hold a unique code, this code is send to the ECU via a RF (Radio Frequency) reader. The ECU then, validates the code and sends a signal to ignite the engine.

In order to bypass this system, all a thief has to do is to replace the original ECU with a breached (preprogrammed) one, an ECU which will not require the code in the matching key and will authorize an engine ignition even without the original key.

Acknowledging this, SAFECAR, having its principles in mind has developed a compound SAFE locking the ECU and its connectors in such a way that will not allow the replacement of the ECU with the breached one and thus protecting the original immobilizer system which in turn prevents an unauthorized ignition.