SafeCar Theft prevention systems was established in 2005 and is specializing in physical auto anti-theft products. The company, born out of B.S.L metal product's, a company manufacturing aviation grade parts for the biggest manufacturers worldwide. SafeCar has set a goal to decrease the auto theft percentage worldwide.

There are two main concepts which lead the development of SafeCar's products.

  • Safe Car Believes that If a thief will have the knowledge of the operation method of any electrical anti-theft product and the accessibility to its components he will easily overcome and disable it.
  • SafeCar also believes that If the installer or anyone else for that matter, will have a simple way to disable an anti-theft product with methods such as master codes or keys, the thief will learn the disabling method as well.

The easiest way to ask yourself "is my anti-theft product is good enough" is simply asking: "can the installer or the designer of the product disable it?". If the answer is yes, your product is not SafeCar's product. We believe that knowledge tents to leak and spread and we look at the installer and the thief with the same eyes. SafeCar implemented the knowledge acquired from years of specializing in manufacturing and metalworking and is constantly developing ,designing and perfecting new products and models.

SafeCar has been THE factor in the reduction of vehicle thefts for all of its major customers. Through years of experience with the leading car fleet owners, leasing companies, insurance companies and privet car owner SafeCar today is known at the leading product is auto anti-theft.

SafeCar sells ample time in theft prevention pushing the thief toward a simpler, easier target.

SafeCar's SAFE in protecting the OEM immobilizer system.

After the thieves had learned that there is no way to overcome the SAFE, SafeCar had started to see a new approach by thieves.

The Thief gangs became more elaborate and went to a higher degree of theft attempt's then the simple street auto theft and started to operate in order to steal the original key.

To overcome even the thief with the original key, SafeCar has implemented a code keypad located inside the driver compartment, send a code to a cutoff switch located inside the safe. This system is the best comprehensive system against thieved which has the possibility of stealing the original key.